As an Airbnb host, providing a well-equipped kitchen for your guests is essential. Not only does it make their stay more comfortable, but it also sets you apart from other rentals and can lead to positive reviews and repeat bookings.

But with so many kitchen items available, it can be overwhelming to know what to include in your Airbnb kitchen. In this article, we’ll cover the must-have kitchen items for Airbnb owners, from basic appliances to cooking essentials.

Why Is a Well-Equipped Kitchen Important for Airbnb Rentals?

The kitchen is often the heart of a home, and for Airbnb guests, it can be a crucial factor in their decision to book your rental. A well-stocked kitchen can make guests feel at home and provide them with the convenience and comfort they desire during their stay. It can also lead to positive reviews and recommendations, which can ultimately help increase your bookings and revenue.

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials

Make Grocery Shopping Easy

Having a well-equipped kitchen means your guests can easily cook meals during their stay. This can save them money on dining out and make their vacation more affordable. By providing essential kitchen items, you make grocery shopping easier for your guests, as they won't have to purchase items they may only use once.

Attract More Guests

A well-equipped kitchen can also attract more guests to your Airbnb rental. Many travelers prefer to stay in a vacation rental with a kitchen, as it allows them to cook their meals and have more control over their dining options. By providing a fully stocked kitchen, you can appeal to a wider range of guests and increase your bookings.

Positive Reviews and Repeat Bookings

Providing a well-equipped kitchen can lead to positive reviews from guests. When guests have everything they need to cook and feel at home, they are more likely to leave a positive review and recommend your rental to others. Positive reviews can lead to repeat bookings and help your Airbnb rental stand out from the competition.

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials Checklist

Before diving into the specific items, let’s start with a checklist of the essential items every Airbnb kitchen should have:

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials

Now, let’s dive into the specific items that will make your Airbnb kitchen stand out.

Kitchen Appliances

Having essential kitchen appliances is a must for any Airbnb rental. These include a refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave (or microwave air fryer combo), and dishwasher. These appliances allow guests to store and cook food during their stay, making their experience more comfortable and convenient.

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials

Small appliances can go a long way in making your Airbnb kitchen feel complete. A coffee maker, toaster or toaster oven, microwave-safe containers, and an electric kettle are essential appliances that guests love. For spaces with a small kitchenette, consider providing a hot plate or a small portable stove. These items save guests time and money, and they can be the difference between a good and a great review.


A microwave is another essential kitchen item for Airbnb owners. It allows guests to quickly heat up leftovers or make a quick snack without having to use the oven or stovetop. Make sure to provide microwave-safe dishes and containers for your guests to use. A microwave air fryer combo is also a great investment and offers a versatile cooking experience to your guests.

Toaster and Toaster Oven

A toaster and toaster oven are essential for guests who want to make toast, bagels, or heat up leftovers. These appliances are relatively inexpensive and can make a big difference in your guests' experience.

Coffee Maker and Supplies

A morning cup of coffee or tea is a ritual for many guests, so having an electric kettle and coffee machine in your rental kitchen is a must. Equip your Airbnb kitchen with a coffee pot or coffee machines. You can choose from a traditional drip coffee maker, a French press, or a single-serve pod machine for those who prefer a different brew. Don't forget to provide an assortment of mugs and cups, coffee filters, ground coffee, and sugar and creamer packets for your guests' convenience.


A blender is a great addition to your rental kitchen, especially if you have guests who enjoy making smoothies or other blended drinks. It can also come in handy for guests who want to puree soups or sauces.

Cooking Essentials

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials

Basic Cookware and Utensils

No Airbnb kitchen checklist is complete without a variety of pots and pans. A large frying pan, a small saucepan, and a large pot are the bare minimum you should provide. If you have enough space, consider adding a few more pieces like a stockpot for cooking pasta or a small skillet for frying eggs. Good quality, stainless steel cookware is a great idea as it lasts longer and is easier to clean.

Cooking utensils are the backbone of any kitchen. Your Airbnb kitchen checklist should include a variety of utensils in different sizes to accommodate the number of people staying. Essential items like a spatula, ladle, slotted spoon, and tongs are a must. These items are essential for guests who want to cook their own meals during their stay.

If your Airbnb kitchen includes an oven, make sure to provide guests with the necessary tools for baking. Oven mitts, pot holders, a baking sheet, and a casserole dish are basic Airbnb kitchen essentials. For those who love to bake, consider adding a rolling pin, a pie dish, and a set of mixing bowls to your kitchen amenities.

Cutting Boards, Knives, and Kitchen Shears

A durable cutting board is one of the first things guests reach for when they start cooking. Providing a couple of cutting boards, one for produce and another for meats, can help maintain hygiene.

It’s also important to have a set of sharp knives available for guests to use. Dull knives can be frustrating and even dangerous to use. Make sure to have a variety of sizes and types of knives, including a chef's knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife. You can also provide a knife sharpener to ensure your knives stay in top condition.

Kitchen shears are another handy tool for your guests. They are a versatile tool that can be used for snipping herbs, cutting open packages, or even breaking down poultry.

Mixing Bowls and Measuring Cups

Mixing bowls and measuring cups are often overlooked but are essential kitchen items for guests who cook meals. They're not only useful for baking but also come in handy for preparing salads or marinating meats. Ensure you have a set of measuring cups and spoons, as well as mixing bowls in various sizes to cater to different cooking needs.

Can Opener and Bottle Opener

A can opener and bottle opener are often overlooked but are essential kitchen items for Airbnb owners. Make sure to have both manual and electric options available for your guests' convenience.

Basic Pantry Items

Providing basic cooking ingredients can make a big difference for guests. These items include salt, pepper, cooking oil, and basic spices. You can also consider providing coffee, tea, and sugar for your guests to use. Having these items available can save guests from having to purchase them for a short stay and can make a big difference in their overall experience.

Silverware, Dinnerware, and Glassware

When stocking your Airbnb kitchen, consider the number of plates, bowls, and silverware you'll need based on the maximum occupancy. It's a good idea to have at least two sets per person to avoid guests having to wash dishes after every meal. Include small plates for snacks, large dinner plates, and bowls of different sizes for versatility.

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials

Also, make sure to provide enough cups, mugs, and glasses for the maximum number of guests your rental can accommodate. It's also a good idea to have some extra sets in case of breakage. Consider opting for durable, dishwasher-safe options to make cleaning up easier for both you and your guests.

Glassware is not just about wine glasses. Your Airbnb kitchen should include a variety of drinkware to suit different beverages. Provide guests with water glasses, juice glasses, and perhaps even a couple of cocktail glasses for a more luxurious touch. Remember to include a pitcher or a water bottle for serving drinks at the table.

Kitchen Organization Tools

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials

Keeping the kitchen organized is essential for a smooth and enjoyable stay for guests. Consider providing items such as a spice rack, utensil holder, and drawer organizers to keep the kitchen clutter-free and easy to navigate. Also include containers for leftover food, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil for food storage.

Cleaning Supplies

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials

Towels and Soap

Paper towels are a must-have in any kitchen, as they are useful for cleaning up spills and messes. Make sure to have a roll or two available for your guests to use.

In addition to paper towels, it’s important to have cleaning supplies on hand for your guests to use. This includes an all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, a sponge, a dish towel, and a cloth. These items will help your guests keep the kitchen clean during their stay. Make sure to have these items stocked and easily accessible for guests to use.

Trash Can and Trash Bags

Having a trash can and trash bags readily available in your rental kitchen is a must. Make sure to provide enough trash bags for your guests to use during their stay, and have a designated area for them to dispose of their trash.

Fire Safety Items

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials

As an Airbnb host, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your guests. This includes having fire safety items in your kitchen. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit easily accessible in case of emergencies.

It’s also a good idea to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed in your rental, especially near the kitchen area.

Additional Items to Consider

In addition to the must-have items listed above, there are a few other items you may want to consider including in your Airbnb kitchen:

  • Plastic wrap and aluminum foil for storing leftovers
  • A drying rack for hand-washing dishes
  • A water bottle or pitcher for guests to use
  • A large pot for cooking pasta or soups
  • Wine glasses for guests to enjoy a glass of wine
  • A hot plate for guests who want to cook without using the stove
  • Tea bags for guests who prefer tea over coffee
  • A large frying pan for cooking breakfast or stir-fry dishes
  • A coffee bar with coffee beans, a grinder, and a French press for coffee enthusiasts

Tips for Organizing Your Airbnb Kitchen

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials

Now that you have all the necessary items for your Airbnb kitchen, it’s important to keep it organized and clutter-free. Here are a few tips to help you keep your kitchen in top shape:

Create a Kitchen Essentials Checklist

Creating a kitchen essentials checklist can help you keep track of the items you need to stock in your rental kitchen. This checklist can also serve as a guide for guests to know what items are available for their use.

Regularly Check and Restock Items

It's essential to regularly check and restock items in your rental kitchen. This includes items such as paper towels, dish soap, and coffee supplies. By regularly checking and restocking, you ensure that guests have everything they need for a comfortable stay.

Label Cabinets and Drawers

Labeling cabinets and drawers in Airbnb kitchens can help guests easily find what they need. This can also help them know where to return items after use, keeping the kitchen organized and tidy.

Provide Instructions for Appliances

Make sure to provide instructions for any appliances in the kitchen that may be unfamiliar to guests. This can include the coffee maker, dishwasher, and oven. Providing instructions can prevent any mishaps and ensure guests can use the appliances correctly.


As an Airbnb owner, providing a well-equipped kitchen for your Airbnb guests is essential for a positive experience. By stocking your rental kitchen with must-have items, you can ensure your guests have everything they need to cook meals and feel at home during their stay. Remember to regularly check and restock items, keep the kitchen organized, and provide instructions for appliances to ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay for your guests. With these tips and items, you can set your Airbnb rental apart and receive positive reviews from satisfied guests.

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