Smoke detectors are an essential safety feature in any home or building. They provide early warning in the event of a fire, giving you and your loved ones time to escape safely. While there are many types of smoke detectors on the market, wired smoke detectors are considered the most reliable and effective. In this article, we will review the top 5 wired smoke detectors to help you choose the best one for your home.

Why Choose a Wired Smoke Detector?

Wired smoke detectors are connected to your home's electrical system, ensuring that they always have power. This eliminates the need for battery replacements and reduces the risk of the detector failing due to a dead battery. Additionally, wired smoke detectors are interconnected, meaning that if one detector goes off, all the detectors in your home will sound an alarm. This provides maximum coverage and early warning in the event of a fire.

Best Hard Wired Smoke Detectors

When it comes to hardwired smoke detectors, there are many options available. To help you make an informed decision, we have reviewed the top 5 hardwired smoke detectors on the market.

1. FIRST ALERT BRK SC9120FF Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector with Battery Backup

FIRST ALERT BRK SC9120FF Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector

The FIRST ALERT BRK SC9120FF is a standout among hardwired smoke alarms, offering dual protection against both smoke and carbon monoxide. This detector is designed to be a reliable part of your home safety plan, ensuring that you're alerted to dangers from various sources, including flaming fires and smoldering fires.

Exclusive Insights

This hardwired alarm comes with a battery backup, ensuring that your family is protected even during a power outage. The electrochemical carbon monoxide sensing technology and ionization sensor for smoke detection make this one of the best smoke detectors for comprehensive safety. Its ability to interconnect with other compatible alarms means that when one alarm sounds, all connected units will alert, providing an early warning and more time to react.

The FIRST ALERT BRK SC9120FF also features a silence button to silence nuisance alarms, which can be triggered by everyday activities such as cooking. Its mounting bracket and locking features make installation straightforward and tamper-resistant, while the replaceable batteries ensure that you can maintain the detector's functionality without needing to replace the entire unit.

Customer Review

"I bought these as a replacement for the smoke detectors that were not working anymore in our house when we moved in. To meet code we got these because they have both the CO and smoke detection. For hardwired detectors these were as easy as lights to install and were solid replacements for the existing ones. I'd recommend these."

2. Google Nest Protect - Smoke Alarm - Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Google Nest Protect - Smoke Alarm

The Google Nest Protect is more than just a smoke detector; it's a smart smoke detector that brings advanced features and convenience to your home safety system. With its ability to send phone alerts and voice warnings, the Nest Protect is a top pick for integrating smoke detection with smart home technology.

Exclusive Insights

Nest Protect smoke alarms stand out with their smart features, including voice alerts that tell you the type and location of the danger, and push notifications sent to your phone. This hardwired smoke detector also boasts a Split-Spectrum Sensor, which detects both fast and slow-burning fires, ensuring early warning and a better chance to react.

The Google Nest Protect's advanced features extend to its design, with a sleek look that fits seamlessly into any modern home. Its Pathlight feature illuminates your way in the dark, and the affordable price tag reflects this device's premium quality and smart capabilities.

Customer Review

"1. It's a smart smoke detector. So, it will alert your phone if you are away. 2. It's very modern-looking and very stylish. 3. It has a pathlight, so when it is dark, it lights your way as you walk underneath it. And finally, it has emergency alarms with a clear voice when smoke or CO reach critical levels."

3. First Alert BRK SC7010B Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector with Battery Backup

First Alert BRK SC7010B Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector

The First Alert BRK SC7010B is a combination smoke/CO alarm that brings together photoelectric smoke detection and electrochemical carbon monoxide detection in one device. This hardwired smoke detector is designed to offer reliable protection with fewer false alarms, making it a solid choice for any home.

Exclusive Insights

The First Alert BRK SC7010B offers dual sensors for detecting smoke and carbon monoxide, providing comprehensive protection against the most common household threats. The photoelectric sensor is particularly effective at detecting smoldering fires, which can smolder for hours before bursting into flames.

The voice alarm feature of this hardwired smoke detector adds an extra layer of safety by audibly announcing the presence and type of danger, ensuring that everyone in the home is aware and can take appropriate action. The unit's Optipath 360 technology allows for 360-degree access to the smoke sensor, enhancing its responsiveness.

Customer Review

"I bought set of these to replace the initial set of fire alarms installed when the home was built. These are much better. I have a detector close to my kitchen and no longer goes off whenever I broil. These matched the wiring of the initial set so it was a pretty simply plug in play to install these. Plus, not having to worry about buying expensive 9V batteries to power these was a big selling point for me. The savings over 9V batteries and these basically pay for themselves."

4. Kidde Hardwired Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector, AA Battery Backup

Kidde Hardwired Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

Kidde's hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detector is a reliable and interconnectable option for those looking to create a network of alarms throughout their home. With LED warning light indicators and a battery backup, this detector ensures you're always informed of your home's safety status.

Exclusive Insights

The Kidde detector's interconnectable nature allows it to be linked with other compatible alarms, creating a comprehensive safety network within your home. When one alarm detects smoke or carbon monoxide, all interconnected alarms will sound, providing widespread notification and increasing your chances of a safe evacuation.

This Kidde hardwired detector offers photoelectric sensors for detecting smoke and an electrochemical sensor for carbon monoxide, ensuring accurate detection of both fast and slow-burning fires. The LED warning indicators provide clear visual cues about the alarm's status, and the Smart-Hush button allows you to silence false alarms quickly.

Customer Review

"No issues or worries using these smoke detectors. They are easy to install and test. Hopefully they never have to actually be put to the test, but I have no question they will work exactly as intended. Alarm is loud and will most surely get you moving!"

5. X-Sense Smoke Detector Carbon Monoxide Detector Combo Hardwired with Voice Location

X-Sense Smoke Detector Carbon Monoxide Detector Combo

X-Sense brings innovation to the table with its hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detector combo. The voice location feature is a standout, providing clear and specific warnings about the type and location of danger, enhancing your ability to respond effectively in an emergency.

Exclusive Insights

The X-Sense Model XP02-AR offers a unique voice alarm that not only alerts you to the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide but also informs you of the exact location of the danger. This feature is particularly useful in larger homes where pinpointing the source of the threat can save precious time during an evacuation.

This hardwired detector is also designed to interconnect with other X-Sense alarms, ensuring that when one alarm sounds, the entire network of detectors will alert simultaneously. The 10-year product life and voice reminder function make this detector a long-term, reliable choice for home safety.

Customer Review

"I am impressed by the look and quality feel, it seems to be built very good. If you know basic wiring it's very easy to install. I love the fact that it's powered by electric and has a battery backup. It's nice and loud like it should be. The light is a little brighter than expected but I have it installed in the upstairs hallway so it doesn't bother us at all. Overall a great value for what appears to be a very good quality smoke detector."

How to Choose the Best Wired Smoke Detector

best wired smoke detectors

When it comes to safeguarding your home from the dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide, choosing the right wired smoke detector is crucial. The National Fire Protection Association recommends installing smoke alarms on every level of your home, including the basement and sleeping areas.

When choosing a wired smoke detector, there are a few key factors to consider.

Power Source

Wired smoke detectors are powered by your home's electrical system, but they also have a backup battery in case of a power outage. Make sure to choose a detector with a reliable battery backup and a low battery indicator to ensure it remains operational during a power outage.


Interconnected smoke detectors provide maximum coverage and early warning in the event of a fire. Look for alarms that can interconnect with other smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home, creating a comprehensive safety network.

Sensor Type

There are two types of sensors used in smoke detectors: ionization and photoelectric. Ionization sensors are better at detecting fast-burning fires, while photoelectric sensors are better at detecting slow-burning fires. Some models, known as dual-sensor smoke detectors, incorporate both ionization and photoelectric sensors for comprehensive detection. 

Ionization smoke alarms use radioactive material between two electrically charged plates to detect smoke particles, while photoelectric alarms use a light source and a sensor to detect smoke. Understanding the type of smoke detector that best suits your home's needs can provide peace of mind and an early warning in the event of a fire.

When selecting the best wired smoke detectors, consider models that offer dual protection against both smoke and carbon monoxide.

Additional Features

Some wired smoke detectors come with additional features, such as carbon monoxide detection, voice alarms, and smart capabilities. Consider your specific needs and choose a detector with the features that best suit your home. Additionally, check for alarms that have been rigorously tested and meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards for safety and reliability.

Tips for Testing and Maintaining Wired Smoke Detectors

best wired smoke detectors

Wired smoke detectors should be installed by a professional electrician to ensure proper wiring and interconnectivity. Regular testing and maintenance are key to ensuring your hardwired smoke alarms function properly. Test smoke detectors monthly by pressing the test button and replace backup batteries at least once a year or when you hear a low battery chirp. Keep in mind that most smoke detectors, including hardwired models, should be replaced every 10 years.

To maintain your smoke detectors, gently vacuum the outside of the alarm using a soft brush attachment to remove dust and cobwebs. Avoid painting over smoke detectors, as this can hinder their ability to detect smoke. Remember, a well-maintained smoke detector is one of the most important devices in your home for preventing incidents of fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an ionization smoke alarm and a photoelectric smoke detector?

Ionization smoke detectors are typically more responsive to flaming fires, using radioactive material and electrically charged plates to detect smoke particles. Photoelectric smoke detectors use a light source and sensor to detect smoke from smoldering fires. Some detectors combine both technologies for comprehensive protection. 

How often should I test and replace my wired smoke detectors?

Test your wired smoke detectors monthly by pressing the test button. Replace the backup batteries at least once a year or when you hear the low battery warning. Most smoke detectors, including hardwired models, should be replaced every 10 years to ensure optimal functioning.

Can a hardwired smoke alarm be interconnected with other alarms?

Yes, many wired smoke detectors can be interconnected with other compatible alarms, including other smoke detectors and integrated carbon monoxide detectors. This ensures that all connected alarms will sound if one alarm detects a threat, providing a comprehensive warning system throughout your home.


The importance of having working smoke alarms in your home cannot be overstated. The best wired smoke detectors, such as the FIRST ALERT BRK SC9120FF, Google Nest Protect, First Alert BRK SC7010B, Kidde Hardwired Detector, and X-Sense Detector, provide robust protection against the threats of smoke and carbon monoxide.

By considering factors such as sensor type, interconnectivity, and additional features, you can choose a reliable and effective smoke detector that offers peace of mind and contributes to a comprehensive fire escape plan.

Remember to follow the National Fire Protection Association's guidelines and install smoke detectors in every sleeping area and on every level of your home, including the basement, to ensure early detection and a safe evacuation in case of a fire.

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