Are you on the hunt for the best 4-slice toaster to add to your kitchen arsenal? Look no further! Whether you're craving perfectly golden brown toast, evenly toasted bread, or a few slices of frozen waffles, the right toaster can make your breakfast routine a breeze.

Imagine biting into a slice of toast that's just the way you like it, every single time. With a 4-slice toaster, you can save time and toast evenly for the whole family. Let's dive into the world of modern toasters and find the one that will transform your mornings!

1. Breville 4-Slice BTA840XL Die-Cast Smart Toaster

Breville 4-Slice BTA840XL Smart Toaster

Best Overall Toaster

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The Breville 4-Slice Smart Toaster is the epitome of a smart toaster, with its innovative one-touch automation and unique 'Lift and Look' feature. This allows you to monitor the toasting process without interrupting the cycle, giving you precise control over how your toast bread comes out.

Its extra-wide slots are perfect for accommodating a variety of bread types, from thick artisan breads to delicate pastries. The LED indicator and variable browning control ensure that you're always in the know about how much longer your toasting cycle will take, providing consistent results every time.

Customer Review

"This thing has all the bells and whistles, Its like your in a George jetson cartoon, with all the led's lighting up when you touch the slider or any button, and it tings when the toast pops up. We have used it around a dozen times and toast-bagels-english muffins have always come out perfect. Love the touch button to automatically lower and raise the toast, and its very easy to clean. If this lasts 20 years then it will be worth the tremendous cost to purchase. But we were fed up with crappy cheap toasters so went with this very expensive one. We do have a few other breville kitchen appliances and both have served us very well over the years. We bought the cast silver 4 slice model and looks good on counter."

2. BUYDEEM DT640 4-Slice Toaster

BUYDEEM DT640 4-Slice Toaster

Best Retro-Style Toaster

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The BUYDEEM DT640 is not just a toaster; it's a statement piece with its retro design and cozy greenish hue. But it's not all about good looks; this toaster boasts seven browning settings and a dedicated bagel function that toasts the cut side while warming the other, catering to all the settings you might need.

The extra-wide slots and high lift lever make it a versatile kitchen appliance, capable of handling everything from thick bagels to thin slices of your favorite bread. The dual independent control panels mean you can cater to different tastes at the same time, making it a good option for diverse preferences.

Customer Review

"I am so impressed with the performance of this toaster. It toasts evenly and has many functions that the higher end toasters have. I got the yellow and love the color. Has a kind of retro look to it, which makes it fun and interesting. Really a great toaster and a great value for the money."

3. BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster

BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster

Best Robust Toaster

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The BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster is a robust kitchen appliance that caters to a family's diverse toasting needs. With seven shade settings, it offers a range of options from lightly toasted to dark and crunchy. The extra-wide toasting slots are designed to accommodate a variety of bread types, including thick bagels and artisan bread.

The independent controls are a standout feature, allowing you to toast four slices to different preferences simultaneously. The extra lift and slide-out crumb trays are practical features that make this toaster not only user-friendly but also easy to clean, ensuring your kitchen remains crumb-free.

Customer Review

"If you're looking for an easy no frills wonderful toaster, this is it. It's the best one I've ever had. VERT light weight and you can dial the toast to whatever setting you like. I am so glad I found this! Its a must have."

4. Proctor Silex 4-Slice Toaster

Proctor Silex 4-Slice Toaster

Best Child-Friendly Toaster

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Proctor Silex's 4-Slice Toaster is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and ease of use. The extra-wide slots are a nod to bagel lovers, ensuring that even the thickest bagels are toasted to perfection. The Toast Boost feature is a thoughtful addition, catering to smaller items like English muffins, making them easy to retrieve.

The cool-touch walls are a safety feature that can't be overlooked, especially in households with curious kids. The shade selector and auto shut-off function provide peace of mind, allowing you to customize your toasting cycle and walk away without worry.

Customer Review

"Bought when this had a discount coupon so I was happy buying a well known, well established brand for the same price as cheaper models. The functions are easy to control, the crumb trays slide out like a drawer so they don't pop open like my last toaster did spewing crumbs all over. The handle to push the toast down slides easily, and the cancel button is large and easy to use."

5. Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Best User-Friendly Toaster

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Hamilton Beach's Extra Wide Slot Toaster is a no-frills toaster that gets the job done efficiently. The bagel setting is a nod to bagel lovers, ensuring that the cut side is toasted while the round side stays warm and soft. The defrost function is perfect for those who often forget to take out their frozen bread or waffles ahead of time.

The toast boost feature is a simple yet effective solution for smaller slices of bread, ensuring they're easily accessible without the risk of burning your fingers. The shade selector allows for a customizable toasting cycle, giving you the freedom to choose how light or dark you want your toast.

Customer Review

"I like my new Hamlton toaster very much. It's easy to adjust how light or dark you want your toast. It has big slots for bagels or waffles. It's easy to keep clean. It works out great for my house because we can keep one side for regular bread items and the other side can be for gluten free items, that's one of my favorites things about having a four slice function toaster. The handles a smooth and easy to press download. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that likes to make sever slices at once. Hamilton Beach is a good make."

6. Mueller UltraToast Full Stainless Steel Toaster 4-Slice

Mueller UltraToast Toaster 4-Slice

Best Multifunctional Toaster

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The Mueller UltraToast isn't just a good toaster; it's a multifunctional marvel designed for the modern family. With its six browning settings and memory recall, your toasting process becomes a personalized experience. The extra-wide slots are a game-changer, accommodating everything from thick slices of artisan bread to your favorite bagels and English muffins.

This toaster is engineered with intelligent heating technology, ensuring that your toast evenly reaches that perfectly golden brown toast every time. The removable crumb tray and under-base cord storage are thoughtful touches that make this toaster not only efficient in its function but also sleek in design, saving you precious counter space.

Customer Review

"This is a nice looking toaster & it makes toast exactly the way I like it. I use the setting #5 to achieve my perfectly browned, crisp toast to use for dunking in my dippy eggs. It is a bigger footprint, for sure, but I've found a new spot in our kitchen island for it's home. I have to admit, I was sad it didn't have a tag saying "yes, it is a sexy toaster"."

7. Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Long Slot 4-Slice Toaster

Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 4-Slice Toaster

Best Versatile Toaster

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The Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 stands out with its extra-long slots, making it the ideal long-slot toaster for those who appreciate a variety of bread types, including artisanal loaves. Its six adjustable toasting levels give you the shade settings you need for that dark brown toast or a lighter, crispier touch.

This toaster's reheat warming function is a unique feature that revives your toast without burning it, perfect for those busy mornings when you need extra time. The retractable warming rack is a bonus, warming everything from pastries to pitas, making this toaster a versatile addition to any kitchen.

Customer Review

"After many years of using toaster ovens I decided to get a toaster. I looked at many and decided on this one. Very good choice. It will do 4 slices at once and the openings are wide enough for toasting bagels and english muffins. Ther is even a wrming rack over the top of the toaster to just give things a quick heat. I am very pleased with this toaster! Highly recommended."

8. Cuisinart 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Cuisinart 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Best Classic-Style Toaster

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Cuisinart's 4-Slice Toaster Oven is a testament to the brand's reputation for high-quality kitchen appliances. The classic design with brushed stainless steel exterior is both elegant and durable, fitting seamlessly into any kitchen decor. The dual control panels and six-setting browning dials offer a level of customization that bread enthusiasts will appreciate.

This toaster oven goes beyond just toasting bread; it's equipped with bagel, defrost, and reheat functions, making it a versatile tool for any toasting task. The extra-lift carriage lever and slide-out crumb tray are convenient features that enhance the toasting experience and make maintenance a breeze.

Customer Review

"This replaced a toaster that suddenly died after 3 months of use! It is good looking and so easy to use. Love the crumb tray! Has features that fit what we use a toaster for. NO finger prints I am loving! Our dead Hamilton Beach showed prints all the time and just never seemed to leave. Would gladly buy this wonderful toaster again but DO feel it will preform perfection for many years to come! Daily toasting is a pleasure once again. Never mentioned it has great design looks sitting on our counter too!"

Buyer's Guide to Choosing the Best 4-Slice Toaster

When shopping for the best 4-slice toaster, consider the slot size to ensure it can accommodate your favorite types of bread, from sandwich bread to artisan bread slices. Browning settings are crucial for achieving that perfectly golden brown toast, so look for a toaster with a range of options. Additional features like dedicated bagel settings, defrost functions, and cancel buttons can enhance your toasting experience. Lastly, don't overlook the price point; the best toasters offer a balance of features and affordability.

Tips for Perfectly Toasted Bread

To achieve perfectly toasted bread, start by selecting the right settings on your 4-slice toaster for the type of bread you're toasting. Artisan bread slices may require a different setting than thin slices of white bread. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your toaster, including the removal of crumbs from the crumb trays, will ensure consistent results. Also, remember to adjust the settings based on the bread's moisture content; drier bread may need a lower setting, while denser bread might need a higher one.

Summary of the Best 4-Slice Toasters

The toasters highlighted in this article, including the Mueller UltraToast, Elite Gourmet ECT-3100, Proctor Silex 24215PS, Breville BTA840XL, BUYDEEM DT640, Cuisinart CPT-180P1, Hamilton Beach, and BLACK+DECKER TR1410BD, each offer unique features and benefits. From extra-wide slots to innovative toasting technology, these top picks are sure to meet all your toasting needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about 4-Slice Toasters

What should I look for in a 4-slice toaster?

When choosing a 4-slice toaster, consider slot size, browning settings, additional features like bagel and defrost settings, and the price point to ensure you find the best toaster for your needs.

How do I clean my 4 slice toaster?

Regularly empty the crumb trays and wipe the exterior with a damp cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, and never insert metal objects into the slots.

Can I toast different types of bread at the same time?

Yes, many four-slice toasters have independent controls that allow you to toast different types of bread to different shades simultaneously.


In conclusion, the best four-slice toaster is one that combines functionality, ease of use, and consistent performance. Whether you prefer a no-frills toaster or a model with all the settings, there's an option out there to suit your toasting preferences. Remember to consider the size of the slots, the range of browning options, and any additional features that might be important to you, such as a dedicated bagel setting or a reheat function. With the right toaster, you can enjoy perfectly toasted bread, bagels, and more every morning.

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