Are you looking to go the extra mile this Mother's Day with a perfect gift that's as sweet as she is? Imagine the smile on her face as she opens a box of the most delicious cookies, handpicked just for her.

mothers day cookies

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to show your appreciation for the woman who has done so much for you. What better way to surprise mom than with a batch of freshly baked Mother's Day cookies? From warm, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies to cute and colorful sugar cookies, the variety of Mother's Day cookie gifts is endless.

If baking isn't your forte, don't worry! We've compiled a list of the best Mother's Day cookies that will make her day extra special. Let's dive into the world of gourmet treats that are sure to satisfy her sweet tooth.

CRAVINGS BY ZOE Gourmet Chocolate Covered Cookie Gift Basket

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Indulge your mom's taste buds with the CRAVINGS BY ZOE Gourmet Chocolate Covered Cookie Gift Basket. This exquisite collection of 12 gourmet cookies is the embodiment of a perfect Mother's Day gift, combining the richness of chocolate with the crunch of Oreos.

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The magnetic gift box, adorned with a satin bow, exudes elegance and makes this basket a standout among birthday gifts for women and men alike. Each cookie, whether drenched in dark or milk chocolate, is topped with an array of gourmet toppings, from mini chips to rainbow nonpareils, offering a symphony of flavors that will make mom's heart melt.

Crafted with premium ingredients by chocolatiers in New Jersey, these kosher-certified treats are a testament to quality and taste. The Cravings by Zoe Promise ensures that each bite is as fresh as it is delicious, making it a worry-free choice for a sweet surprise.

Customer Review

"Ordered this for my 93 yr old mother. Package conveniently delivered. She loved the cookies. Very tasty and nicely decorated. Showed off to neighbors."

2. Mother's Circus Animal Cookies

Mother's Circus Animal Cookies

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Take a trip down memory lane with Mother's Circus Animal Cookies. These nostalgic treats are a delightful way to add some fun to your Mother's Day celebration.

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Each 9 oz. pack is filled with animal-shaped cookies, frosted and sprinkled with colorful nonpareils, making them a festive addition to any Mother's Day dessert table. Free from high fructose corn syrup, these cookies offer a pure and delightful taste that will have mom nibbling nonstop.

The playful shapes and vibrant colors of these cookies are not just a treat for the taste buds but also for the eyes, making them a perfect treat to serve alongside a Mother's Day dinner or as a sweet snack throughout the day.

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"Yum yum in the tum tum! My 87 year old mother loves them!"

3. zChocolat Mother's Day Macarons

zChocolat Mother's Day Macarons

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When it comes to celebrating the extraordinary woman that is your mother, ordinary just won't do. Enter the world of zChocolat's Mother's Day Macarons, where each bite is a testament to the adventurous spirit that resides within her. The Temptation Assortment is not merely a collection of sweets; it's a curated experience that redefines the art of gifting with a luxurious twist on the classic French macaron.

Exclusive Insights:

The zChocolat MOTHER’S DAY MACARONS Temptation Assortment is a culinary delight, with a variety of flavors celebrating adventurous mothers. Each macaron offers unique tastes like Burgundy blackcurrant, Spanish lemon, Brazilian Tonka bean, Indian mangoes, American pecans, and Damas rose.

The collection features elegant French patisserie with iridescent shells and ruffled bases, crafted from premium ingredients like Italian meringue and almonds from California and Valencia. These generously sized macarons provide an indulgent experience with buttercreams, ganaches, and fruit jams, free from artificial colors or gelatin.

Customer Review:

"My mother was absolutely thrilled with the zChocolat Macarons. She said each macaron was like a little adventure, with flavors that were both surprising and incredibly delicious. The presentation was stunning, and she could tell that a lot of care went into making each one. It was the perfect way to show her how much she means to me, with a gift as unique and special as she is. Thank you, zChocolat, for helping me make this Mother's Day unforgettable!"

4. Kremery - Easter Chocolate Covered Oreo Sandwich Cookies Gift Basket

Kremery - Easter Chocolate Covered Oreo Sandwich Cookies Gift Basket

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Kremery's Easter Chocolate Covered Oreo Sandwich Cookies Gift Basket is a delightful assortment that's perfect for Mother's Day. With 20 cookies, each topped with a unique candy, this basket is a feast for the senses.

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The dairy-free chocolate coating is a creamy delight, ensuring that each bite is as indulgent as it is satisfying. With its elegant black, maroon, and gold design, the high-end packaging is ready-to-gift, saving you the hassle of wrapping.

Kosher Parve certified and made in the USA, these cookies are a testament to Kremery's commitment to quality. The variety of toppings, from coconut to dried apricots, ensures that there's a flavor to suit every taste.

Customer Review

"Delicious and decadent gave a a gift for mothers day she loved them!"

5. Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies

Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies

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Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies are a luxurious treat that will make mom's heart flutter. The heart-shaped gift box is a sweet gesture that's perfect for Mother's Day.

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Each box contains eight cookies, half of which are adorned with Mom Heart decorations made with royal icing. The milk chocolate coating is smooth and rich, enveloping the classic OREO cookies in a layer of decadence.

Crafted with care for over 100 years, Philadelphia Candies' chocolates are a symbol of tradition and quality. The option for a personalized message during checkout adds a special touch to this already charming gift.

Customer Review

"I had these sent directly to my mother for Mother's Day. She is 89 and loves cookies, especially Oreos. She also has never met a good chocolate candy that she doesn't enjoy. She and my sister (who lives with her) told me that they were perfect and delicious. They each had one and will continue to enjoy the remainder of them. I was worried they might have melted, as others have stated in their reviews. My sister said they arrived packed with ice and perfect. I am so happy to have found them here on Amazon and will purchase again for other occasions."

6. Dulcet Gift Basket Deluxe Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Dulcet Gift Basket Deluxe Gourmet Food Gift Basket

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The Dulcet Gift Basket Deluxe Gourmet Food Gift Basket is a cornucopia of sweet delights that's perfect for sharing with the whole family on Mother's Day.

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This lavish assortment includes a variety of cakes and pastries, from brownies to crumb cakes and muffins. Each treat is individually wrapped to ensure freshness, making it a convenient and generous gift.

The hand-tied burgundy bow and the premium packaging make this basket a dazzling gift that's sure to impress. Whether it's for an anniversary, a birthday, or just because, this gourmet food gift basket is a great gift idea for any occasion.

Customer Review

"Gifted this to my mother in law for mother's day and she raved about it for days!! She mentions how everything is so nicely packed with such pretty materials. She also of course thinks everything tastes great!!"

7. David's Cookies Butter Pecan Meltaways

David's Cookies Butter Pecan Meltaways

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David's Cookies Butter Pecan Meltaways are the embodiment of a delicious treat that will make your mother's sweet tooth sing with joy. The 907g tin is brimming with buttery goodness, ensuring that every bite is as satisfying as the last.

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These meltaways are not just cookies; they're a gourmet experience. Each one is crafted with high-quality, all-natural ingredients, including crunchy pecans and pure creamy butter, all sprinkled with a fine dusting of powdered sugar. The absence of preservatives and the Kosher-certified recipe make them a guilt-free indulgence for any mom who appreciates the finer things in life.

The freshness of David's Cookies Butter Pecan Meltaways is unparalleled. They arrive in a charming cookie tin that not only serves as a beautiful gift but also maintains the cookies' oven-fresh quality by protecting them from humidity and contaminants.

Customer Review

"My mother loved them . I went to 6 stores trying to find them and here they were on Amazon the whole time."

8. GLUTEN FREE Cookies Gift Basket

GLUTEN FREE Cookies Gift Basket

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The GLUTEN FREE Cookies Gift Basket is a thoughtful and inclusive Mother's Day gift. It offers a delightful assortment of 12 gourmet chocolate-covered cookies. These handcrafted vegan cookies cater to those with dietary restrictions without compromising on taste.

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This basket is a testament to inclusivity and thoughtfulness, perfect for moms who follow a gluten-free diet. The variety of hand-dipped dark and white chocolate sandwich cookies ensures that every mom gets to enjoy a sweet treat on her special day. The cookies are vegan-friendly, kosher, and dairy-free, making them a safe and sweet option for all.

The GLUTEN FREE Cookies Gift Basket is not just a gift; it's a personalized experience. Each cookie is individually wrapped to preserve its freshness, and the basket comes with a customizable note, allowing you to convey a special message to your mom.

Customer Review

"Got these for my mother for Mothers Day and she loved them. She loved the taste and thought they were beautifully decorated. She is gluten-free and felt like she was cheating on her diet. It was a win-win."


Choosing the right mothers day cookies can turn a simple gesture into an unforgettable memory. Whether you opt for a gluten-free basket or buttery pecan meltaways, the key is to select a sweet treat that reflects your mom's tastes and dietary needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a cookie gift special for Mother's Day?

A cookie gift becomes special when it's chosen with the recipient's preferences in mind, from flavor to dietary considerations. Adding a personal note or choosing a beautifully packaged assortment can make it even more memorable.

How can I ensure the cookies I order online arrive fresh?

Look for sellers who package their cookies in an airtight container or individually wrap them to maintain freshness during shipping. Premium containers also protect the cookies from damage.

Are there any unique Mother's Day sugar cookies that are popular? 

Flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, and chocolate are classic favorites, but don't be afraid to explore unique options like crinkle cookies or specialty items like French macarons for a more exotic treat.


In conclusion, the perfect Mother's Day cookie is one that cater to your mom's unique tastes and dietary needs. Whether it's the buttery delight of David's Cookies Butter Pecan Meltaways or the thoughtful GLUTEN FREE Cookies Gift Basket, each option offers a way to show your love and appreciation. Remember, it's not just the cookies but the sentiment behind them that counts. So this Mother's Day, go the extra mile and surprise Mom with a sweet treat that she'll treasure.

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