The mirror dash cam is one of the hottest new car gadgets on the market. If you're not familiar with it, a mirror dash cam is a small, inconspicuous camera that mounts to your car's rear-view mirror. It captures footage of everything that happens in front of and behind your car while you're driving, and it even has a built-in display so you can see what's being recorded in real-time. But how does this little gadget actually work? Let's take a closer look.

How It Works

The mirror dash cam gets its power from your car's cigarette lighter outlet or from its battery (if it's hardwired). Once it's plugged in or turned on, the camera starts recording footage automatically. You can choose to have it record continuously, or you can set it to only record when it detects motion or an impact.

The footage is stored on a SD card (which you'll need to provide), and most units have built-in WiFi so you can easily download and share videos. Some even come with GPS tracking, so you can see exactly where each video was recorded.

Why You Need One

A mirror dash cam can be an invaluable tool if you're ever involved in an accident. It provides objective evidence of what happened, which can be helpful if there's ever any dispute about who's at fault. Dash cam footage can also help disprove false insurance claims, and some insurers will actually give you a discount if you have one installed in your car.

Don't be a dashboard dinosaur- get with the times and pick up a mirror dash cam! Not only will you have a record of any accidents, but you'll also be able to relive all those near-misses and close calls. And who knows, maybe you'll even capture something truly awesome on film.