Key Takeaways:

  1. Steel tip darts can damage electronic dart boards.
  2. Soft-tip darts are designed specifically for electronic dart boards.
  3. Understanding the differences between dart types can enhance your game experience.


Darts is a popular pastime enjoyed by many, from casual players to serious competitors. With the advent of electronic dart boards, the game has evolved, offering features like electronic scoring and online play. However, a common question arises: can you use steel tip darts on an electronic dart board? Let's dive into this topic and explore the nuances of dart types and their compatibility with different boards.

Understanding Dart Types

Steel Tip Darts

Steel-tip darts are the traditional choice for many players. They have a very sharp steel point, making them ideal for use on sisal fiber dartboards. They are heavier and provide a satisfying throw, sticking firmly into the board. However, their sharp points can cause visible damage to surfaces not designed for them.

can you use steel tip darts on electronic dart board

Soft Tip Darts

Soft-tip darts, on the other hand, are designed for electronic dart boards. They feature flexible plastic tips that are safer and less likely to cause damage. These darts are generally lighter than steel-tip darts, making them suitable for the plastic boards used in electronic dartboards. The main difference lies in the material of the tips, which affects how they interact with the board.

can you use steel tip darts on electronic dart board

Electronic Dart Boards

Design and Functionality

Electronic dart boards are equipped with numerous small holes that accommodate the flexible plastic tips of soft-tip darts. These boards use state-of-the-art location algorithms to accurately score each throw. The electronic scoring system is a significant advantage, providing instant feedback and eliminating the need for manual scorekeeping.

Compatibility Issues

Using steel tip darts on an electronic dart board is not advisable. The sharp steel points can damage the plastic surface, leading to inaccurate scoring and reduced board life. Additionally, steel tips can cause bounce outs, where the dart hits the board but does not stick, resulting in missed scores and potential frustration.

The Right Dart for the Right Board

Soft Tip Dartboards

Soft-tip dartboards are specifically designed for use with soft-tip darts. These boards are perfect for game rooms and casual play, offering a safer alternative for young children and beginners. The flexible plastic tips reduce the risk of injury and damage to walls and other surfaces.

soft tip dart board
soft tip dart board

Steel Tip Dartboards

Steel-tip dartboards, such as traditional bristle boards, are the go-to choice for serious dart players and tournament play. These boards are made from dense materials like sisal fiber, which can withstand the impact of steel-tip darts. For those seeking an authentic steel-tip play experience, a steel-tip dartboard is the perfect choice.

steel tip dart board
steel tip dart board

Conversion Points

Switching Between Dart Types

For players who enjoy both steel-tip and soft-tip darts, conversion points offer a versatile solution. These points can be easily switched out, allowing you to use the same set of darts on different boards. This flexibility is ideal for those who want to practice on various surfaces without needing multiple dart sets.

Practical Example

Imagine you have a high-quality dart set with brass barrels and durable shafts. By using conversion points, you can switch between steel tips for your traditional bristle board and soft tips for your electronic dartboard. This adaptability ensures you get the most out of your darts, regardless of the board type.

Performance and Durability

Dart Materials

The materials used in darts significantly impact their performance and durability. Steel-tip darts are often made from dense metals like tungsten, providing a heavier and more stable throw. Soft-tip darts, while lighter, are designed to be durable enough to withstand repeated impacts on electronic boards.

Longevity of Boards

The longevity of your dartboard depends on using the appropriate darts. Using steel-tip darts on an electronic dart board can damage it, reducing its lifespan. Conversely, using soft-tip darts on a steel-tip dartboard may not provide the desired performance, as the darts may not stick properly.

Enhancing Your Game

Choosing the Right Dart

Selecting the right dart for your board is crucial for an enjoyable game experience. Soft-tip darts are the best choice for electronic dartboards, ensuring accurate scoring and minimal damage. For traditional bristle boards, steel-tip darts offer the authentic feel and performance that many players prefer.

can you use steel tip darts on electronic dart board

Game Room Setup

Setting up your game room with the appropriate dartboard and darts can enhance your overall experience. Ensure your electronic dartboard is securely mounted at the proper distance and height. Additionally, consider investing in a dart mat to protect your floors and mark the throw line.

Cricket Games

Cricket is a popular dart game that can be played on both electronic and traditional dartboards. The objective is to hit specific numbers on the board, with electronic scoring making it easy to track progress. Soft-tip darts are ideal for electronic boards, while steel-tip darts are perfect for traditional boards.

Cutthroat Cricket

Cutthroat Cricket is a variation of the standard game, adding an extra layer of strategy. Players aim to close out numbers while also scoring points to give their opponents more to close. This game can be played on both types of boards, with the appropriate darts for each.

Advanced Features of Electronic Dartboards

Digital Scoring and Online Play

Modern electronic dartboards come with advanced features like digital scoring and online play. These boards often include LCD displays and dedicated app software that transforms your mobile device into a full-featured scoring platform. This technology enhances the game experience, making it more interactive and engaging.

can you use steel tip darts on electronic dart board

Smart Dartboard Features

Some electronic dartboards, like the Gran Board, offer smart features such as player profiles and state-of-the-art location algorithms. These boards can connect to your mobile device, providing detailed statistics and performance analysis. This level of sophistication is perfect for serious players looking to improve their game.


In summary, using steel-tip darts on an electronic dart board is not recommended due to the potential for damage and inaccurate scoring. Soft-tip darts are specifically designed for electronic boards, offering a safer and more reliable option. Understanding the differences between dart types and their compatibility with various boards can significantly enhance your game experience.


Can you use steel tip darts on an electronic dart board?

No, using steel-tip darts on an electronic dart board can damage the board and result in inaccurate scoring. It is best to use soft-tip darts designed for electronic boards.

What are the main differences between steel tip and soft tip darts?

Steel tip darts have sharp metal points and are heavier, making them suitable for traditional bristle boards. Soft-tip darts, on the other hand, have flexible plastic tips and are lighter, designed specifically for electronic dartboards.

How can I switch between steel tip and soft tip darts?

You can use conversion points to switch between steel-tip and soft-tip darts. This allows you to use the same set of darts on different boards, providing versatility and convenience.

By understanding the nuances of dart types and their compatibility with different boards, you can make informed decisions and enjoy the game of darts to its fullest. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, choosing the right equipment is key to a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

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