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Action cameras are excellent tools for capturing life's adventures. And when you have a powerful flashlight, you're guaranteed to get great shots even in the darkest conditions.

With so many features and benefits, it can be hard to know which action camera flashlight is suitable for you. But don't worry - we'll help make your decision easy!

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How We Choose The Action Camera Flashlight

You want to buy an action camera flashlight but don't know which one is best for you.

With all of the different action cameras on the market, it can be tough to figure out which one is the best for you. Not only do they vary in price, but they also have different features that might be important to you.

We've done the research for you and found the best action camera flashlights on the market. We'll tell you their features and what makes them unique so you can decide which is right for you.

1. Vlogging Light PICTRON VL28

Vlogging Light PICTRON VL28

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Why We Love It!

It's set; get ready for a brighter future with the Vlogging Light PICTRON VL28 LED Light!

This powerful vlogging light illuminates your videos and lifts your content production to a new level, allowing you to create professional quality footage every time.

With four levels of adjustable brightness up to 120 lumens at 0.5m, plus an SOS Mode, you can get perfect lighting no matter where you’re shooting your subject matter.

action camera flashlight
Vlogging Light PICTRON VL28

And the convenient built-in rechargeable battery means you can shoot vlogs on the go with up to three hours of power! What’s more, this incredible light comes with a camera cold shoe adapter, so it’s easily attached to cameras like Sony A6400/6500/6600, RX100VII, and Canon G7X MarkIII.

If that weren't enough, it even works with DJI Osmo Action Pocket 2 & smartphones - making VLOGGING LIGHT PICTRON VL28 LED Light the ultimate sidekick for all your vlogging needs!

So put yourself and those around you in the brightest spotlight - shine bright with VLOGGING LIGHT PICTRON VL28 LED Light!

Things To Know

If you're looking for a great LED light for vlogging on the go, the PICTRON VL28 is an ideal choice. It offers a rechargeable dimmable fill light with an excellent 95+ long-lasting light-up time.

action camera flashlight
Vlogging Light PICTRON VL28

It's perfect for Gopro Max, Hero 9, Hero 8, and other action cameras, but it's also suitable for DJI Osmo smartphones, DSLRs like Sony ZV-1 A7 RX100 VII Canon Camera, and more.

Its ultra pocket size of 56.7 x 35 x 25mm and lightweight 29g make it portable and easy to take wherever you go.

2. GoPro Light Mod - Official GoPro Accessory

GoPro Light Mod - Official GoPro Accessory

Best Battery Life (6 Hours)

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Why We Love It!

Introducing the new GoPro Light Mod – an official GoPro accessory that will take your filming to the next level!

Your footage has never looked better with up to 200 lumens of bright, crisp light.

action camera flashlight
GoPro Light Mod

And now you don’t have to worry about harsh conditions – this light is built tough and waterproof up to 33ft (10m), so it will hold up no matter how intense your shoot gets.

Plus, with a rechargeable battery that offers an impressively long battery life of 6 hours of runtime, you can be sure the party never stops!

So why not step into a new world of brightness and clarity with this fantastic tiny, lightweight GoPro? You won’t regret it!

Things To Know

The GoPro Light Mod is the perfect accessory for capturing high-quality footage in dim lighting. With its compact design, you can use it by itself or attach it to various GoPro Mounts and Accessories, such as the Media Mod (sold separately), for added utility.

action camera flashlight
GoPro Light Mod

When combined with a HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black/HERO8 Black camera, the Light Mod lets you capture sharp and vibrant footage with adjustable brightness settings up to 1200 lumens so that you never miss out on a shot.

3. VL-81 LED Video Light w Softbox

VL-81 LED Video Light w Softbox

Best Light Output

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Why We Love It!

What do you get when you combine 81 LED beads, a softbox design, and adjustable lighting temperatures into one beautiful package?

The VL-81 LED Video Light w Softbox, of course! This clever device packs a severe punch in the field of photography, offering bright fill lights with adjustable features to ensure your shots are always on point.

What’s more, its super-strong 3000mAh built-in lithium battery charges in 3 hours, with a maximum brightness light output of up to 150 minutes and a minimum brightness output of up to 480 minutes.

action camera flashlight
VL-81 LED Video Light w Softbox

And as a bonus: three cold shoe mounts mean you can hook up multiple lamps for ultra-dazzling shots!

With the VL-81, there’s no limit to what your photos can say about you. So don’t be shy—bring out the light in your life!

Things To Know

The VL-81 LED Video Light with Softbox is an incredibly versatile, lightweight, and portable lighting solution for photographers, vloggers, and other content creators.

It can be mounted onto a microphone and is ideal for use as a vlogging light for recording with GoPro cameras, DSLRs, iPhones, and smartphones. The VL81 camera light measures 7.6 x 8.9 x 2.5cm/3 x 3.5 x 0.1in, making it incredibly compact and easy to transport on any shoot while only weighing 120g/4oz - perfect for traveling vloggers or those on the go.

action camera flashlight
VL-81 LED Video Light w Softbox

This fantastic piece of kit can be used with many popular cameras, such as Sony a6300/a6400/a6500/a6600, Canon, Nikon, DJI, Osmo Pocket, Osmo Action, Osmo Mobile, ZHIYUN, Smooth Q, GoPro, Hero 8/7/6/5 MAX, allowing you to easily film YouTube videos, live broadcasts or record life and travel moments as desired.

With its hot shoe design enabling it to act as an on-camera light - the VL-81 LED Video Light with Softbox is a great device for filmmakers looking for fantastic quality video footage!

4. Suptig High Power

Suptig High Power

Best Waterproof Up To 147ft (45 meters)

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Why We Love It!

Behold, the Suptig High Power LED Video Light! This handy underwater flash is guaranteed to make your late-night dives and midnight swim more luminous than ever before.

With three power modes - normal mode (HI), power saving mode (LOW), and Flash mode (SOS) you can always stay in control of your lighting.

Plus, with its 1050mAh rechargeable battery, Suptig ensures a run time of 1.5 hours for high light, 4 hours for low light, and 6 hours for SOS!

But what’s great about this sleek little waterproof light is that it measures just 7.5 cm(L) x 4.2 cm(W) x 7 cm(H)—making underwater adventures genuinely effortless and enjoyable!

action camera flashlight
Suptig High Power

So whether you’re searching the unknown depths or simply taking a leisurely night swim, Suptig’s High Power Dimmable Waterproof LED will make all your explorations even brighter!

Add this light to your collection today for a great experience and an even more excellent product!

Things To Know

The Suptig High Power Dimmable Waterproof LED Video Light Fill Night Light Diving Underwater Light is the perfect companion for your action camera gear.

This light is compatible with a wide range of cameras, including models for GoPro Hero 10/Hero 9/Hero 8/Hero 7/Hero 6/5/5S/4Session/4/3+/3 as well as XiaoYi SJCAM Sj4000/Sj5000/Sj6000 and Sj7000, AKASO and DJI Osmo.

action camera flashlight
Suptig High Power

You can get clear footage while underwater with an actual waterproof test reaching 147ft (45 meters).

Suptig provides a 24-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its LED waterproof lights - so you can shop with peace of mind.

5. Neewer Flash

Neewer Flash

Best Battery Life And Filter Effects

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Why We Love It!

Waterproof, durable, and versatile - the Neewer Waterproof 20 LED Flash Light is ready for any task!

With 700 lumens, you can depend on bright light up to 131 feet away. The three color filters (white, orange, and purple) satisfy your need for any nighttime challenges, while the dimmable fill light mode lets you customize brightness and color.

action camera flashlight
Neewer Flash

The light is tough enough to stand up to 40 meters of water - try and test it yourself! Set low for subtle lighting on a leisurely boat ride, or ramp it up to high power when you're off on an adventure.

With the Neewer Waterproof 20 LED Flash Light, you'll have everything with a go-anywhere design.

Things To Know

Adding a light source to underwater shots is essential for adding depth, visibility, and professional-looking appeal.

With the Neewer Waterproof Up to 131ft/40m Underwater 20 LED 700LM Flash Dimmable Fill Night Light with 3 Color Filter, you can capture beautiful images up to 131ft below the surface.

action camera flashlight
Neewer Flash

And it doesn't end there – this one light comes with three color filters (white, orange, purple) to allow for complete customization of your shots.

Plus, with its integrated mount, you can easily attach it to action cameras like GoPro Hero 11/10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3+/3/2/1, SJ4000, and other products. USB charging interface ensures easy recharging between uses.

Perfect for underwater photography – ensure you bring your camera and waterproof housing!



Best Attachment And Filter Effects

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Why We Love It!

Light up your shots like never before with the ULANZI LED Video Light! This light is so cute you'll forget how powerful it is!

It's waterproof up to IP68, meaning you can take it up to 32 feet under and still get daylight-balanced 5500K with 95+ CRI.

Its diffused beam angle of 60º makes it perfect for professional photography, video, underwater work, camping, drones, and vlogging – anything that requires impressive visuals and creative lighting.

action camera flashlight

With 4 brightness settings and an 800mAh lithium battery with a working time of 1 hour at a total output or 4 hours at 25%, you don't need to worry about your shot running out of juice!

Get ready to deliver beautiful photos every time with the ULANZI LED Video Light.

Things To Know

The ULANZI LED Video Light is a powerful and rechargeable option for photographers looking to get the most out of their shots.

The cube light features a small yet durable design measuring 41mm x 41mm x 38mm and weighing just 70g/2.46oz, making it perfect for taking along on trips.

Furthermore, it has a 1/4" 20 screw hole on the bottom, which enables it to be mounted on different devices, such as DSLRs, drones, smartphones, and GoPro action cameras.

action camera flashlight

For convenience, a built-in magnet allows you to attach it to metal surfaces easily. Additionally, with various accessories such as Snoots, Barn doors, and Color Filters, this product ensures that all photography needs are fulfilled!

Finally, with a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee included in your purchase, you won't find yourself shortchanged after investing in this fantastic product!

Action camera flashlight FAQ:

When looking for an Action camera flashlight, it's hard to know which is the best for you.

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the options out there. It's hard to know which is best for you and your needs.

We've created a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Action camera flashlights so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing.

What is an action camera flashlight?

An action camera flashlight, also known as a waterproof or submersible light, is a type of lighting device explicitly designed for use with an action camera. They are typically lightweight and waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor activities such as surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, and snorkeling.

Action camera flashlights typically come in three main sizes: compact (around 4 inches), mid-sized (about 6 inches), and full-sized (about 8 inches). Compact models provide more brightness while occupying less space in your gear bag. Mid-sized models offer longer run times, while full-sized lights provide the best combination of power and brightness.

These devices are designed to be easily mounted on any tripod using a cold shoe or other mount adapters that attach directly to the front or back of the light. As mentioned earlier, some lights even feature built-in mounting points, so you can easily keep it secured to your camera without buying extra mounting hardware.

In addition to being used for underwater filming purposes, many people like to use these lights when shooting at night when a lot of natural light is unavailable but still want good footage quality with decent color saturation. In this case, using two or more together gives you a better coverage area than if you were only using one light source alone, which can result in improved visuals when recording images after dark. Depending on what type of scene you're shooting, several options are available, ranging from simple single-point LED sources to multi-head lamp systems providing greater flexibility during production stages and allowing more creative freedom when editing video output later on down the line.

Do action cameras have flash?

The short answer is no; action cameras do not have built-in flash capabilities. Action cameras are typically designed to capture scenes in extreme lighting conditions, such as bright sunsets or highly contrasted scenes that require wide dynamic range sensors. Flash photography overwhelms the sensor and causes a significant loss of detail in the highlights and shadows of a scene.

Rather than relying on an onboard flash, users may choose to include additional visible light sources (e.g., portable lights). This provides better quality footage as light sources can be positioned around a scene for more balanced exposure values while maintaining color accuracy across different shades and hues. Additionally, many action camera models feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging capabilities that allow for better color reproduction and details in illuminated areas where highlights tend to become overexposed due to extreme brightness levels.

When taking pictures in challenging environments with adverse lighting conditions, it’s crucial to understand how your chosen action camera works best; some models offer better low-light performance than others, depending on their size/weight and the type of lens used for shooting. Ultimately, being aware of your camera's limitations will help you get the most out of its features when setting up and shooting!

What is the highest quality action camera?

When choosing an action camera, the highest quality option is the GoPro Hero 9 Black. This popular and powerful compact camera features HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization, TimeWarp 3.0 time-lapse video mode, Live streaming in 1080p on social, 8x Slo-Mo, 20MP stills capable of capturing excellent photos at up to 30 frames per second with HDR capabilities, improved wind reduction audio capabilities, and other impressive specs. The design of this robust adventure camera enables users to take photos and record videos up to 5K resolution without a hitch.

As far as convenience goes, this fantastic action cam features an optional Media Mod, which adds a directional microphone and mini-HDMI port for live streaming purposes, as well as three cold shoes for attaching extra accessories like external lighting such as LED panels or microphones. If you’re looking for versatility from your action cameras, then look no further than the highly rated GoPro Hero 9 Black – it can do both – shooting impressive 5K footage in all conditions, including extreme climates, such as snowboarding trips or underwater dives, thanks to its waterproof housing that can go down up to 33 feet (10m). It also has 1720mAh battery, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power on long shoots!

Overall, if you want top-of-the-line quality images, advanced features, and superb usability, consider investing in a GoPro Hero 9 Black – you won't regret it!

Can you use an action camera as a regular camera?

The short answer to this question is yes. An action camera can certainly be used as a regular everyday camera.

Firstly, action cameras tend to have wide-angle lenses, which makes them well-suited for capturing scenery and landscape shots.

Secondly, many action cameras come with time-lapse settings that allow you to capture speeds slower than real-time or speed up specific images within your project footage and make them look more impressive or cinematic. This feature makes slow-motion video and timelapse photography possible!

Thirdly, most modern cameras are packed with features such as image stabilization (IS), built-in electronic image stabilization (EIS), Wi-Fi connectivity for connecting to other devices, dual microphone inputs for recording audio from both channels simultaneously–as well as various modes like burst mode and continuous shooting—all of these features allowing the user’s creative possibilities when using their device as a standard camera expand beyond anything achievable before it was released into the market.

Fourthly, having multiple mounting options available also allows users to attach their action camera onto surfaces they wouldn’t usually be able to if they were using their cell phone and today's cameras —mounting straps offering flexibility in taking shots on top of car roofs, sticking it onto helmets, even around limbs, etc. lets users take still photo/record video content from perspectives already not seen by any traditional digital cameras before!

All in all, action cams are incredibly capable pieces of equipment when compared to today’s standard digital cameras —not only do they offer superior Photo/Video quality over mobile phones due to higher quality optics & sensors. Still, they offer versatility unheard of amongst DSLRs or Point & shoot compacts.

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